Liftronic Easy with vacuum tooling used for packing goods into box for transit.

Liftronic EASY with various mechanical tools, lifting an assortment of products.

Liftronic with vacuum tooling used for movement of large glass panels.

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Liftronic EASY with special attachment to assist with operation of a hand held tool.

Liftronic with pneumatic  tooling to lift, rotate and empty plastic containers.

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A demonstration of the Liftronic EASY in the Indeva showroom at Chesterfield.

UK Sales Director,John Arrowsmith demonstrates the Liftronic Air.

Liftronic with magnetic tooling used to lift and tilt gas canisters.

Liftronic Easy with pantograph tooling used for easy movement of tote bins.

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Overview of the auto-weight sensing and quick tool change capabilities of the Liftronic Easy.

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Liftronic Air with special gripping tool used to move axles in a truck factory.

Liftronic Air with special tooling used to screw large threaded pipe connectors.

Liftronic Easy with pantograph tool lifting parts bins.

Liftronic with vacuum tool moving and emptying bags - tooling remains stationary as bag empties it’s load.

Liftronic with simple vacuum tooling moving bags.

Liftronic Easy with expanding chuck and manual rotation of reels.

Liftronic with magnet tooling to lift and move steel parts.

Liftronic Easy with simple hook attachment to pick non-standard product shapes.

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