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TSS LED Lighting Solutions

We offer a full range of LED High Bay and Low Bay fittings for factories, workshops and warehouses, as well as LED fittings for car parks,open space outdoor areas, offices etc.

Key features of our LED light fittings which enable us to offer a solution to precisely match your requirements include:

L70 Ratings

This specifies the running hours before a fitting loses 30% of it’s initial lumen output. Our fittings have a minimum L70 rating of 50,000 hours and in some cases exceed 150,000 hours - that’s 17 years at 24/7 operation!


All LED light fittings offered have a minimum warranty of 5 years. Cree fittings come with a standard 10 year warranty, with no limit on the annual running hours.

Lumen Output

From a 3,000 lumen LED panel up to a 110,000 lumen LED high mast flood, we can meet your lux level requirements regardless of mounting heights.

Beam Angle

The 15 to 120 degree beam angles available on our LED light fittings enable us to optimise the lighting design and energy consumption based on existing spacings and mounting heights, reducing installation costs and resulting in the most cost effective solution.


Additional savings can be achieved in areas of low occupancy or high daylight levels by using LED light fittings with integrated sensors. An extremely robust wireless control system is also available for our LED light fittings, easily set up and controlled from a PC or Android tablet.

Colour Temperature

We offer LED light fittings ranging from 3000K to 5700K colour temperature, taking account of the working environment and customer preference. See here for a comparison of colour temperatures.


High ambient temperature is a major contributory factor in lumen depreciation and lifetime of LED lighting. We have fittings capable of operating in hostile environments at up to 70 deg C, while maintaining L70 ratings of 50,000 hours.